Volunteers Needed!!

We are pleased to announce the new and improved formation of a Friends of the Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library group!

As a patron of the library, you already know how important and impactful a wonderful and dynamic library is to the community it serves. We (although I am a tad biased ;)) are very lucky to have such a wonderful resource as our library in the M.O.T. area!  We are now looking for volunteers to help us create a vibrant and dynamic Friends group! This group will be dedicated to the support and enrichment of the library. The friends group can enhance the library’s presence and help to ensure the Corbit-Calloway Memorial library remains relevant and vital to the wider community as we head into the future.
If you feel strongly about the importance of libraries, ours specifically, please consider joining the Friends of the Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library Group. What would this entail? What is to be expected if you email me back to let me know you’re interested? Find out below:

Join us on Thursday, September 16 @ 2:00pm for a catered interest meeting. OR Thursday, September 23 @ 7:00pm (Let me know you’re coming so we can have the right amount of refreshments and edibles)
Nancy Motto, one of our dearly loved and beloved patrons has taken the initiative to begin this process and will act as president. 
This meeting will address:
-A realistic idea of how much time you might spend volunteering (If you don’t think you have time to help head our friends group but are curious still come! It might be something where you just come every once in a while for a few hours to help with a project, or make phone calls for us or put together baggies from your house!)

Let me know if we can expect you on Thursday, September 16 @ 2:00pm!! (Hopefully at least 15 of you!!)

(This email is not for people who just want to support the library by paying their yearly dues. Although we hope you continue to do that in support of us, this is for people who would like to take the extra step and actively make this friends group an awesome compliment to our library)


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